Gin Sushi


"Gin Sushi is a great sushi restaurant when you have that craving for sushi! They offer all you can eat sushi for around $18.00 a person, which is very reasonable. Their food is good and the service, although it needs a little help, is definitely friendly. They do normally charge more on weekends, so try going for lunch during the week."

- Erica S.

"I love Gin Sushi! I was a regular there for almost two years for "I love Gin Sushi! I was a regular there for almost two years for lunch and occasionally dinner on an almost every other day basis, but now find that I am able to only stop by maybe once a month...if that. Anyway,

in all honesty, I would have to agree that the place can be a hit or miss, but I feel only on service. Granted, because I have seen these people quite often over a long period of time, I can definitely say that I have seen them at their best and their worst and would still recommend them to anyone and everyone. When it comes to the sushi, however...I love them! I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every piece of it and that doing the all you can eat is hands down WELL worth it! I haven't had any experience in them over packing it with rice, but there have been a couple of chefs came and go over time....basically, if you want sushi at an affordable price (19-bucks for all you can eat lunch and 25-bucks for dinner) and can overlook the subtle lack of 5-star service, I would definitely say to try this least once!"

- Ashley F.

"I really think it's a great place to eat. Well-worth the price. I definitely recommend it!"

- Yvette

When you want authentic Japanese cuisine or premium sushi, come to Gin Sushi for a tasty

lunch or dinner.

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